Art Guidelines

A VECTOR FILE is the preferred format for apparel and promotional items.
Vector files include: .EPS, .AI, .SVG
Please make sure Fonts and Text in the file are converted to Outlines/Expanded.

A RASTER FILE can sometimes be converted to vector art.
Raster formats include: .jpeg, .psd, .pdf, .tiff
We can take a look at your artwork and let you know if it can be converted.

You may only have a printed version of your logo or a really cool idea yet to be seen. That’s okay!
We will work with you to rebuild existing artwork or create something brand new.*

Examples include:
Scanned or photocopied images
Business card
Art downloaded from a website
A sketch of your new brand idea

Email your files, ideas or questions to

A note about trademarks 

If a trademark logo is part of your design be sure that you have permission to use it and that your

are using it correctly, per the company standards. Show Off Logos assumes no legal liability for any trademarked logos or art provided.

* Artwork assistance fees may apply. Email your artwork or questions to

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